Commercial / Industrial

Commercial/Industrial Stormwater Management

The economic importance of commercial and industrial operations to the township cannot be overstated. The township greatly seeks to work with the private sector partners to realizing a safer and healthier township.

All commercial and industrial properties are required to process their plans through the township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO) process and obtain a Stormwater Management Plan. Please see the Community Development page for more information.

Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) Maintenance

The property owner is responsible for maintaining all stormwater management (SWM) infrastructure on their property. Even if the work is contracted out, the property owner is still responsible for the site.

Places to find specific BMP maintenance guidelines:

Lancaster County Clean Water Consortium (LCCWC) BMP Guide

Chesapeake Stormwater Network

Stormwater Management, Why Should I Care?

The township has a Municipal Storm Sewer System (MS4). Individual BMPs are connected into the MS4. The township MS4 drains stormwater directly into the Conestoga River, the Pequea Creek, or the Mill Creek. Because of the connection to waterways, all aspects of an MS4 are regulated under the Clean Water Act.

BMP Basics:

  1. Owning a BMP is like owning a part of the stream, so keep it clean!
  2. Follow your permits and/or plans.
  3. Know what you have and where it is. Different BMPs have different maintenance schedules.
  4. Regularly inspect. In general, BMPs should be inspected monthly and after 1-inch rain events. The whole system should be checked at least once a year. Problems should be fixed within 1 week of finding them.
  5. Document All Activities. Keep a list of who, what, when, where and why anything was done to the storm system. Pictures are encouraged.
  6. Seek Assistance. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help!
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Good Housekeeping Prevents Pollution

Businesses, Employees, and the Environment can all benefit from common sense, pollution prevention-based housekeeping practices.

A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

Well maintained workspaces, clear labeling, and proper material storage are all simple, but very effective, stormwater pollution prevention measures.

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