Multi-Family and Non-Residential Units

In addition to Residential Refuse and Recycling requirements, recycling is mandatory for all Multi-Family (more than 4 units) and Non-Residential Units, municipal and institutional establishments, and all community events.

Every person who owns or occupies a Multi-Family or Non-Residential Unit shall:

(1) Provide recycling containers at easily accessible locations for Source Separation of Designated Recyclable Materials;
(2) Provide written instructions to all persons occupying each Multi-Family Unit and Non-Residential Unit to ensure that all Designated Recyclable Materials are Source-Separated;
(3) Provide collection and transportation of Source-Separated Designated Recyclable Materials at a frequency of not less than once per month; or
(4) Contract with the Township to have service provided by Township Contracted Hauler.

Source-Separated Designated Recyclable Materials Include:

Glass jars & bottles
Aluminum cans
Steel cans
Plastic bottles & jugs with necks
Corrugated cardboard
Yard Waste
White Goods 
Every person who owns or occupies a Multi-Family and Multi-Family Unit shall provide an annual report to the Township.

Scavenging is illegal. No one other than the Contractor or a Permitted Hauler may remove recyclable materials from a recycling container or trash after it has been set out for collection.