Official Map

Official Map Adopted
After nearly a year of public meetings and discussion the Board of Supervisors adopted the “West Lampeter Township Official Map” at their meeting on March 10, 2014.

An “official map” is a combined map and ordinance designed to implement the goals and community vision set forth in the 2003 West Lampeter Township Comprehensive Plan. The Official Map shows proposed streets, access roads, intersections, stormwater improvement areas, trails, urban growth boundaries, public grounds, parks, schools, conservation areas, greenways, and other public lands and facilities within the Township.

The adoption of an Official Map will assist the Township in implementation of its Comprehensive Plan and will assist landowners in the determination of uses and development of their lands within the Township. Listing an improvement on a parcel or portion of a property on an official map notifies developers and property owners that the area mapped is of interest to a municipality for public purposes sometime in the future. The official map is a planning tool authorized by Article IV of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC).