Fee Schedule & Trash Tags

Billing/Fee Schedule 

The Township bills for refuse on a semi-annual basis, in April and October. Bills are sent to all property owners for basic service at each property as follows: (all fees are subject to change). Tenants may ask to be listed to receive a duplicate bill, if necessary.

Basic Service Fee – $165.00 for the succeeding six (6) months service (April thru September, and October thru March). 

The basic service fee is due within thirty (30) days of dated bill. The property owner will be considered delinquent if the bill is not paid within the prescribed period of thirty (30) days. The Township will send a delinquent notice on or after the 31st day advising the property owner of the delinquency and providing for an additional ten (10) days for the payment of the original balance plus a 5% penalty. Please be aware that discounts are no longer eligible when the account is past due. If the bill remains unpaid after 40 days of the dated bill, the Township will exercise its right to utilize any and all other forms as provided by law to collect any and all outstanding fees owed. All costs associated with the collection of outstanding fees owed (including but not limited to, any and all legal costs, collection agency fees, etc.) will be borne solely by the property owner. The manner by which the Township collects such fees owned will be at the discretion of the Township.

Full Year Payment Discount of 2% – For non-senior citizen residents who wish to pay for the full year (12 months) up front with their April bill, may receive a of $6.60 discount. The full year payment would be $323.40 and must be received within 30 days of the bill date. This is a convenient way of not having to hassle with another bill later in the year.

Senior Citizen Discount of 4% – The senior citizen discount is applicable to any owner/occupant of any household of one or two persons only residing with at least one person 60 years of age or older. Discount is only applied after documentation is provided giving proof of age (i.e. driver’s license, birth certificate, and the like). The six month rate for qualified properties equals $158.40 for six months service and $316.80 for a full year.

Maximum Discount – The maximum discount permitted for any household is 4% per billing period.

Trash Tags 

Extra Trash Tags (Yellow) cost $1.50 for each extra 32-gallon trash bag. 

Oversize Tags (Red)
 - cost $5.00 each for items such as mattresses, box springs, all furniture, bicycles, fish tanks, microwave ovens, barbeque grills, wheelbarrows (without the tire) carpeting (must be cut up in strips no longer than four (4) feet and no heavier than thirty (30) pounds). There is a two items per week limit. NOTE: Televisions and computers are NOT considered oversize items. Check E-Waste for more information.
Appliances and Tires
 - cost $15.00 and $1.75, respectively. Collected only twice a year. Items include: refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and tires.

Kraft Bags 
- 50 cents each, for yard waste and leaf collection.
Recycle bins (24 gallon) - $16.00

Recycle barrel (25 gallon) - $17.00
Recycle Cart (64 gallon w/ wheels & lid) - $75.00

Items are available for purchase (cash or check only) at the Township office M-F 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. or by printing out and mailing in an order form (for tags only).