Leaf Collection & Yard Waste

Leaf Collection

The Township has a leaf collection program whereby leaves are collected and transported to a farm or composting facility. Leaves are collected from mid-October through early-December. The township’s contracted hauler collects leaves at curbside in Kraft bags. 

The Township sells Kraft bags for 50 cents per bag (cash or check) while supplies last.

Yard Waste

The Township sells Kraft bags for 50 cents per bag (cash or check only). Collection runs from April 1 through December 5, 2024 on regular trash collection day.  

Garden residue, grass clippings, leaves*, etc. must be placed in biodegradable Kraft bags. A separate truck will pick up the bags on the same day as your regular trash pick up during the months listed above. 

Please note: yard waste can be very heavy. Make sure each bag does not weigh more than thirty (30) pounds or it will not be picked up. Up to ten (10) Biodegradable Kraft bags or bundles of Woody Waste may be placed for collection each week.

During the winter months, place yard waste in garbage bags. Remember, trash is limited to  the 96 gallon blue  Penn Waste container, so extra service tags may be required to have extra bags of trash collected.

Woody Waste

Collected April 1 through December 5, FREE OF CHARGE, woody material includes tree and shrub pruning, bushes, twigs and branches. Please bundle with a biodegradable twine in lengths of no longer than four feet and weighing no more than 30 pounds. No extra service tags are required for this special pickup, but there is limit of ten bundles/Biodegradable Kraft bags per week.