Board of Supervisors

Meets the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM 
The Board is the legislative and policy making body of the Township. Responsibilities include enacting ordinances (local laws), adopting resolutions and policies necessary for the proper governing of Township affairs, approving an annual balanced budget, establishing tax rates, and appointing members of the other various boards and commissions. Ultimately, the Board is charged and sworn to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the township. Board members are elected in the township at large for six year terms. 
The first Monday of every January the Board of Supervisors reorganizes and re-elects among its own membership a Chairman and Vice-Chairman to serve for the year. At this meeting the Board also appoints (or reappoints) members to other boards, commissions and committees as well as key staff positions such as the secretary-treasurer, township engineers, solicitors, and independent auditors. 

Day-to-day operational and financial management and overseeing the implementation of the Board’s policies is the responsibility of the Township Manager who is appointed by the Board. The Township has four full-time departments: Administration & Finance, Police, Public Works and Community Development. Each department has a department head that reports to the Township Manager. 

Board Member Term Expires 12/31 of 

Barry L. Hershey, Chairman 2025
Randy R. Moyer, Vice Chairman 2023 
Geoffrey E. Beers 2027
J. Richard Breneman 2025
Randall S. Andrews 2023

Denielle L. (Dee Dee) McGuire, Township Manager, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer