On-Lot Sewage Disposal Systems

West Lampeter Township has taken on the responsibility of monitoring existing on-lot sewage disposal systems (septic systems) as required by the State Department of Environmental Protection through the Township’s Act 537 – Sewage Facilities Plan. The process includes locating individual systems, pumping of the tanks, checking the condition of the treatment tank, checking the absorption area, cesspool or seepage pits, subsurface and raised beds and trenches and all associated components. This visual inspection is to ensure proper functionality and maintenance. 

The program, which began on January 1, 2007, involves the property owner contacting a registered pumping contractor every three years. Please see below for the list of our registered pumping contractors. You may only utilize pumping contractors registered with the township. If you have a working relationship with a pumper/hauler not registered with us, please let us know and we will follow up to see if they would be willing to participate in our program. 

 In order to perform the required inspections, all pumping must occur through the access manhole so please make sure it is accessible. The pumping contractor will pump and inspect your system then complete a township report. This report will be left on site by the pumper/hauler for you to submit to the township, along with a check for $30. (made payable to West Lampeter Township) All registered pumping contractors have been supplied copies of this report or one can be downloaded from this website.
 At the end of every three-year period, if the township has not received a field inspection report an administrative fee for your property, the Township will institute enforcement action per Chapter 211-32 Violations and Penalties.

List of Registered Haulers


Devonshires Septic Services 717-786-1998 
W. Davis & Sons717-587-0800
Thomas H. Erb & Sons717-626-5591
Fins Environmental Serv./Honey 
 Wagon Septic 
Lloyd Z. Nolt Trucking717-733-7226
John Kline Septic717-898-2333
Nolt Services717-738-1066
Peters Septic Tank Pumping717-786-1454
Frank Sears Sanitation, LLC717-442-8609
Sharp Septic717-354-6147
Snyder & Mylin Septic717-284-0303
Sonlight Services717-738-2149
Walter M. Strohl, LLC717-733-2339
Walters Environmental Services, Inc.717-469-0588



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