On-Lot Sewage Disposal Systems (OLDS)

Pump Truck

As required by the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Township adopted an On-lot Ordinance for maintaining on-lot septic systems, click here: Section 211 Sewage Management Ordinance for the Code with more details and requirements.

Township Appointed Sewage Enforcement Officer: 

Mark Deimler, Solanco Engineering

103 Fite Way Quarryville, PA 17566 



Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer: 

Douglas Kopp, ARRO Consulting

108 West Airport Road

Lititz, PA  17543 


Pumping Maintenance 

In 2007, in order to comply with state mandates, the Township began requiring property owners to have the on-lot sewer systems visually inspected and pumped every three years in accordance with the Sewage Management Ordinance. This type of measure is an effort to prevent system failure, costly repairs, and most importantly the health of you and your family. The pumper is required to complete West Lampeter Township’s inspection form, click here for a copy of the Inspection Form.  Approved Septic Pumpers have been given West Lampeter Inspection Forms, the white copy is for the Township and the yellow copy is for the parcel owner.  A list of septic pumpers can be found here: Septic Pumpers.  All pumping must occur through the access manhole, so please make sure to keep the manhole cover accessible.  The pumper will complete the inspection form while on site pumping. The completed form and fee of $30.00 is to be submitted to the Township Office Community Development Department within 15 days of service.  Any property owner failing to comply with pumping requirement is subject to fines as described in 211-32 Violations and penalties.

On-lot Sewage Permits

If you have questions regarding repairs or permitting of on-lot sewage systems, contact the SEO.  The SEO will inform you of the costs and steps.  DEP Permit Application for on-lot sewer is attached here.

Septic Pumpers

Pumpers are required to complete a registration form to be an approved West Lampeter Township Septic Pumper.  Once a company is approved, West Lampeter Township will require the Septic Pumper to complete a Monthly Inspection Log, click here for a copy.  If no pumping was performed in a particular month, please note “NO Pumping” on the form and submit it to the West Lampeter Community Development Office.   Please be advised, the ordinance requires the Septic Report Form be turned into the Township along with fee of $30. 00 within 15 days of pumping.