Public Participation

MCM 2: Public Participation & Involvement (PIPP)

West Lampeter Township will work hard to establish a vibrant PIPP program because an active and involved community working together to minimize stormwater pollution and protect water quality is the most efficient way to meet SWMP goals. By providing a variety of opportunities, the township ensures that all citizens have a chance to participate in a ways that suit their needs. Several examples include serving as citizen representatives on local committees, attending public meetings and hearings, assisting in program coordination, and participating in activities such as clean-ups, tree-plantings, and water quality monitoring.

Upcoming Activities for 2015 
Storm Drain Stenciling: To be announced
Water Quality Monitoring: To be announced

Township Committees
The Township is always looking for interested persons who wish to serve as volunteers on committees and boards. Community volunteers who have an interest in planning, recycling, recreation, transportation, environmental and historical issues play a big part in providing needed input, experience and commitment to see that the Township’s goals are achieved.

Contact Us

  1. Charity Kadwill

    Stormwater Coordinator

    Ph: 717-464-8019
    Fx: 717-464-5047

    (Excluding Holidays)
    Monday, Thursday & Friday
    8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Stormwater Ordinance

    If you are interested in being a Stormwater Volunteer,
    please contact the Stormwater Management Coordinator
    using the email link above.