Public Education & Outreach

MCM 1: Public Education & Outreach (PEOP)
West Lampeter Township provides educational information and events throughout the year to educate the community on stormwater issues. Actively engaging the public to increase their knowledge of stormwater pollution, stormwater infrastructure, and behaviors that protect water quality is critical to program success. By continuing to work with community partners and expanding the network of informed citizens, the township will continue to minimize stormwater pollution and improve local water quality.

The following materials provide information on a variety of stormwater topics.

Contact Us

  1. Charity Kadwill

    Stormwater Coordinator

    Ph: 717-464-8019
    Fx: 717-464-5047

    (Excluding Holidays)
    Monday, Thursday & Friday
    8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Stormwater Ordinance

    If you are interested in being a Stormwater Volunteer,
    please contact the Stormwater Management Coordinator
    using the email link above.