Pequea Creek TMDL

The Pequea Creek is on a pollution diet!

Total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) are the calculated total amount of pollutants that can occur in a stream without causing impairments or water standards to be exceeded. A TMDL was prepared for the Pequea Creek in 2001 by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission. According to this plan, agricultural land use in the entire watershed is the origin of excessive amounts of sediment, nutrients, organic enrichment, and low dissolved oxygen. Approximately 3,600 acres in the Pequea Creek Watershed are located in West Lampeter Township.

In addition to MS4 permit requirements, any portion of the urbanized/regulated area located in the Pequea Creek Watershed (approximately 629 acres) must reduce the sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorus loads to the Pequea creek. Approximately 58% of the regulated area is agricultural and 42% is developed area. The TMDL plan requires an 83% reduction in the sediment load and a 57% reduction in the phosphorous load.

To accomplish these reductions in the developed areas, the township will be promoting and implementing green infrastructure projects to minimize stormwater volume and filter stormwater runoff. Some examples include planting more trees, replacing lawn areas with planting beds, diverting downspouts into rain gardens, and stabilizing stream banks. To accomplish reductions in agricultural areas, the township is working with farmers to implement Conservation Plans and agricultural BMPs such as manure storage facilities, grassed waterways, contour farming, no-till farming, streambank fencing, livestock crossings, and stream bank stabilization. 
A TMDL has not been established for the Conestoga River or the Mill Creek. However, because these watersheds are located in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, which does have a calculated TMDL, the Township is still required to reduce sediment, nitrogen & phosphorous loads in order to improve water quality. 

Chesapeake Bay TMDL

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