Village Park


Construction activities are beginning at the Village Park beginning the week of January 27, 2020 as part of the planned improvements to the Park. 

To view the construction progress, please check out this video.

The walking trail that runs around the back fields will be closed to the public (it will be open around the Y building). Additionally, the pavilion and basketball court near the Veteran’s memorial will be unavailable. 

There will be construction fencing and signage placed around the perimeter of the area that will be closed to the public.  

For your own safety, DO NOT ENTER THESE AREAS!

This area will be closed to the public throughout the summer.  Depending on weather and the progress of the construction completion is expected during the fall of 2020.

Questions – call 717-464-3731.

Located on Village Road just down the road (west) from the Municipal Center, across from Mentzer Road, and now home to the newly constructed LS-YMCA the park is complete with ball fields, hockey rink, a playground, bandshell and pavilion, and a walking and jogging path.

Initial stages have begun to design and finish the rear section of the park. More information, including a video of the area to be finished, is available by clicking the link provided.


Proposed Plan Update to Village Park